Life on Cloud 9 3/4

This was a post I contributed to MCLC TechTalk Blog

Last week I had to face the two most dreaded words every gadget owner fears, “Factory Reset.” My Android phone started having trouble sending and receiving pictures via text, MMS for the acronym inclined. The reset fixed the phone, but that’s not what this topic is about. Essentially a factory reset wipes the phone clean of everything. It’s the same silicone it was when you bought it. After resetting the phone the fun part is putting back all your, contacts, calendar events, applications. Not when you’re on cloud 9 ¾.

Now before you label me an Android fanboy or Google zombie let me say that true the iPhone and Blackberry can do all of these same things, too. The thing to take away is as soon as my phone came back up my email, contacts and calendar were exactly as I last left them. I have been using Gmail since 2005 when I said goodbye to Outlook Express and never looked back. I added Calendar and Contacts when I bought my Evo in June and only use my phone’s USB cable for charging. While syncing can and will provide you with a safety blanket it still is an extra step to keep both your phone and PC environments the same. Not on Cloud 9 ¾.

I have also expanded my cloud footprint with storage, DropBox, notes, Evernote, and even music and video storage, Google Docs and Sound Cloud. All of my files are available from my phone, tablet and any PC I’m on with an internet connection. Oh and as for those Apps, a quick trip to the Google Market and I was able to pull up my list of downloads and quickly reinstall them. Well not all of them, I had to exhibit some control even on Cloud 9 ¾.

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