Amazon Announces Cloud Based Music Service

As I write this I am uploading a good portion of my music collection to Amazon’s servers. There has been much talk about music streaming services from the likes of Google and Apple but it appears Amazon has beat them to the punch. Once question I have though is, now that I can stream my collection across the web will I?

I already have most of my music on my Android phone, I had to buy a bigger SC card but now it is largely all there. What isn’t on the phone are the songs I bought from iTunes back when they had DRM. I could burn and then re-rip them but that just seems like a lot of trouble so I will let them be.

Cloud services do offer a great alternative to my previous backup routine, ie little to none. I use Dropbox quite a bit for shuffling my files between phone home and work and do not see that changing but then again this is a different service. An application on the Xbox 360 could be cool, an easy way to stream your music to the home system without plugging in my phone.

Here is a link to Mashable’s impression of the service.

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