Weighing in on Self Publishing

Here is a post from agent Rachelle Gardner fresh from her blog. She is weighing in on the self publishing revolution.


I don’t know about calling the recent rise in self publishing a revolution, I am sure it is a disruption to the traditional way that publishing has been handled. I have to disagree with Rachelle on the issue of quality being a primary service to readers that publishers bring. True a traditionally published book has been through the editorial wringer but how many of us have read a book from a published author and found typos, or characters they felt were weak or even plot lines that failed to come together?

As I commented back, what do we make of publishers who tell new writers there is no room for them yet shell out millions for the latest flavor of the month biography? Warts and all I think self publishing opens up unique opportunities for both the writer and readers. Writers for better or worse get there works out there, readers have an even larger sea of books to chose from. About the only ones to not benefit are the traditional publishers. Then again has independent labels brought the end to the major record labels?

I do see a moving of the fabled slush pile from under the agents’ and editors’ desks to the eBook stores on the web. In the end I think this will be a test for what the market can support. I know realistically as an unpublished writer the best I can hope for is a single book deal with a caveat of, don’t quit your day job. Well if I’m keeping my day job I might as well get out some of these manuscripts that are pilling up. If I can sell a few and cut out the middle man I’d say I’m right where I would be if I had scored an agent or publisher.

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