Why I Have Given Up on Getting an Agent

“In my day all writers had agents, it’s how it was done and we liked it.”

“Thank you angry old man on the porch, but this is a new day and a new way.” I used to spend my time writing a story and then pouring through the Writer’s Market for journals to send it to. I never did get very far, though I did place a couple stories in some small labor of loves. As I moved up to novels I followed the same pattern. Working to finish one and then spending months working over a query letter and synopsis. Then onto the Guide to Literary Agents book. Eventually, I realized something. All the time I was spending looking up agents and mailing out 30 to 40 letters and receiving back only half, (mostly thanks but no), was time I could have spent working on my next novel.

E-Books to the rescue. Well, not quite. There always has been an option to self publish, it used to cost much more and there weren’t many channels for distribution. Fortunately that has changed. Since appearing on the scene, (web),Create Space, Lulu.com, Kindle Direct Publishing and B&N Pub It have given everything that a self publishing author needs; the means to publish and a place to sell your work.

The thrill for me is writing. No, I am not some frustrated artist spiting himself to make a point. I enjoy creating stories and giving life to interesting characters. It would be nice to make buckets of money doing it but that is not the reason I do it. If I can get my works out where friends and family can see them, be impressed and hopefully buy them I am happy. I know my sales will never rival the Pattersons and Meyers out there but they don’t need to to satisfy my ego. Once I realized that, I realized I no longer needed an agent and you know what? It is a nice burden to have lifted from my shoulders.


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