2nd Annual Avondale Writers’ Conference

This weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the Second Annual Avondale Writers’ Conference. Though I have been writing for some 20 years this was my first time attending a writers’ conference. It also turned out to be my first time speaking at one also.

The Westside Wordsmiths filled in for an author who could not make it to the conference. The topic was, ‘Things I learned About Writing.’ We were able to give attendees a good summary of all that we learned this past year, as well as things to look out for going forward. Early feedback had it very well received and I hop we can do it again next year.

All in all it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. There is a lot of local writing talent. I know I went home excited and inspired. Plus I even managed to sell a few copies of my books. I learned something, too. I am a pretty crappy sales person when it comes to my own writing. I still am not over the whole, ‘people will pay me money for this,’ phase of my career I guess. Someday maybe.

One thought on “2nd Annual Avondale Writers’ Conference

  1. As a second year presenter and the Avondale Writers Conference I applaud the mammoth efforts put forth by Avondale Friends of the Libraries. Having had the advantage of being a ‘veteran’ I left my audience with a syllabus they could use as a guide to their fiction writing. There is something satisfying when as an author I realize I can also be of service to my fellow authors. Ultimately we all can learn the craft to good writing. I look forward to next November when the Third Annual Avondale Writers Conference will take place. I already hear the buzz!

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