The Secret of Self-Publishing

A co-worker sent me a link to the following article from the Wall Street Journal Online. It is a great read for self-published authors and writers aspiring to be published. Any reader of this blog knows that the rise in self-publishing is a trend that I am really excited about and think that the growth will be incredible. One thing I liked about this article is while it tells the story of the successes it also takes the reader back down to reality with some more Earth bound numbers. I can say for myself that my sales have not lit my bank account on fire, but I can see things trending upwards. I will be beyond happy to come back to this article in a year and see how my experience fits in.

One thought on “The Secret of Self-Publishing

  1. Great article Vincent! I know you’ll get there–you’ve obviously been spending quite a bit of time learning about self-publishing and self-promotion. (Per your post below, I feel the same way about selling to people–I don’t feel I’m very good at it. Hopefully some of these social networking sites and your blog will help you promote your book without feeling like you’re selling.) Good luck!

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