New Character

It’s funny how things happen. Last night while my wife and I trolled Facebook she came across a post that influenced me to rewrite one of the characters in my new novel. I had originally planned this character to be a love interest of the main character, Constable Darrow, but that wasn’t working out so now I had a lame character.

Not any more. I don’t want to reveal too much because this is too good. Let’s just say the name Peaches Corona kind of says it all. I love it when you’re working on something and a new piece falls on the table that just makes the rest of the pieces all click together. That’s when writing is the most exciting and rewarding. The best part is I was already heading down the path and I didn’t even know it.

One thought on “New Character

  1. akismet-cba6d43c61cc398f9bbbff4824973631

    You’re so right. It’s an amazing thing — almost as if the characters are leading you by the hand, saying (to each other, behind your back), “See, I knew he’d come around. Just keep pulling.”

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