What You Calling a Bubble

I came across an interesting post on The Self Publishing Revolution. It was a response to an tweet that warned of a coming burst to the self-ePublishing “bubble.” I used quotes around bubble for a reason. One is that i do not agree with it. True self-publishing seems to be the hot thing right now but we are not looking at a bubble as much as a paradigm shift. One of the best comparisons that I have come across was to the genre or pulp fiction boom in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I am continually impressed by the variety of genres and stories coming from self published authors. This is great time to be a reader. Not necessarily the safest time, however. There are a lot of questionable works out there but at .99 I don’t mind taking a risk on something even when that risk doesn’t pay off. As a writer even that is a win, as I get a lesson in what not to do. The other reason for the quotes is that well, the word, “bubble,” is so overused any way.

Enough of me babbling on, you probably want to read the article for yourself. Here is the post. There Is No Self-ePublishing Bubble, (But You Might Not Find Gold).

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