The Tangled Web of Copyright

I came across this article from the Smashwords Blog in my Twitter feed. I think it opens up an interesting discussion on the role and intent of copyright versus the reality of it. More than that I think it shows how influences can reveal themselves in unexpected ways.

One of my favorite bands is the English group The Cure. The song of thier’s that really hooked me was Charlotte Sometimes. Here is a clip of them performing it. What I didn’t know was that it is based on an English Children’s novel of the same name written by Penelope Farmer. I never knew about the book but you can bet I am seeking a copy out. You can read the blog post here and I recommend you read the two included posts from Penelope Farmer.

I have been asked and I have read questions from writers asking about filing a copyright. All work is automatically under coyright and only becomes an issue when theft occurs. So, after reading the above articles I really have to wonder how best to define theft. To my knowledge nothing I have every written has been turned into a song. I would be thrilled if that was the case. The same goes for a movie or play. The real question I have is, would I recognize such a work as being influenced by my writing or stolen from my writing? I would like to think it would be the former and not the latter. Then again I may be funny like that.

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