Put your ego aside, and hire a professional editor: A sci-fi specific example | Novel Publicity

I came across an interesting guest post on Novel Publicity & Co. from Dr. George H. Elder. The main premise is that no matter how attached to our words we may be as writers a good editor can only help. I try to always remind myself of that. Sometimes what I think is the greatest sentence ever committed to screen or paper is really a meandering train wreck of useless clauses. My eyes alone cannot spot this. Not when my mind is wrestling with other questions such as, did I spell this secondary character’s name the same way throughout, why is the dog named Bobbins, who the hell left the gun on the edge of the table, among others. It often takes me until the third pass to get something to the point where I can even begin looking at the words I have written. Before that I am still kneading the clay of the story or sifting the sands away to use Stephen King’s analogy. So I agree with this post and urge you to read on. When it comes time to put your piece under the editing microscope do your reader a favor and get yourself a second pair of eyes.

Read the whole article here: http://www.novelpublicity.com/2012/05/on-editing-science-fiction-lessons-learned/

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