Two Developments on the E-book Front This Week

So the government is heading into court to smack the hands of Apple, Macmillan and Penguin. E-book Price Fixing Trial Set for 2013 I am more interested to see what comes out in the arguments before the bench than any possible outcomes. especially now that people have done the math. The agency model is not any better for authors or publishers. The agency model only exists because of two things. Apple wanted in on the e-book selling business, and two, the publishers wanted to preserve the $25 price point of hardcover books. I wonder if Apple or the publishers will admit to this in court.

The second story to make me look twice came from Mr. Stephen King. Stephen King Reverts to Type With New Book Joyland His newest work will only be available as a paperback. The reason? The author has stated that the nature of the work as a crime novel / ghost story requires the physical sense of the book in the readers’ hands. I’ve read Stephen King and while I admire his stories his writing is well, let’s just say the tingle of the book in my hands was the only thing I took away. Still I have to give him props for having a vision and sticking to it. He was one of the first authors to offer his works exclusively as e-books. Still this latest thing reminds me of bands like AC-DC who won’t sell their works digitally because they believe in the power if the album. That’s okay I can just get a copy of Back in Black at a used record store or even better borow my brother’s copy and rip it to my hard drive. What this really comes down to is a feeling I have, and it is just my own, but if the extent of your artistic statement is your choice of format you might want to work on that.

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