A Story in Ink and Skin

While the internet may be abuzz about some other tattoo story (NSFW) I had already drafted this piece; as in all things timing is everything. This past week I spent my tenth anniversary with my wife in Hilo Hawaii. While we had many interesting adventures, climbing a volcano, kayaking along the Kohalla Ditch, speunking the Kaumana Caves and even riding a zipline over ravines and waterfalls, one of the coolest adventures came when we swam up along side a sea turtle while snorkeling. When my wife decided to commemorate the trip with a tattoo, she wanted an image of a turtle. While my wife talked to the artist at South Seas Tattoos I read up about Polynesian symbols in tattoos. Long story short I decided to occupy the seat next to my wife.

As you can see from the picture my design is a tribal design and owes much to the fabulous artist Matt who took my ideas and ran with them. I am a bit particular with tattoos, even though I enjoy looking at some of the odd stuff people immortalize on their bodies over at WTF Tattoos. For me, a tattoo must mean something and contribute to my life story as recorded on my body. The turtle design was a natural. The turtle itself is a symbol of long life and fertility. I chose the gear pattern on the shell to commemorate my most recent novel, a Steampunk adventure. The gear consists of ten teeth to represent the ten years of my married life. The spiral shapes inside the teeth are a Polynesian symbol for water. Water has a long history as a symbol for change and movement as well as close ties to the spirit realm where water is often seen as the gateway between this life and the next. Hence there are more waves and spirals in the center of the shell. In addition is a spiral sea shell, another Polynesian symbol,  in this csse for prosperity. Taken together all of these symbols come together in a totally unique artwork that tells the story of the past week, as well as the last ten years and the promise of years to come. I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

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