A Penny for Your Review

Or how about 99 pennies? The little nugget from the net below hit my RSS feed today from Gizmodo.com. Authors’ services are now offering reviews. Create Space already has an option to pay for a professional review but unlike that this is for favorable reviews. So much for that whole critical assessment thing. I have often wondered about many of the books with strings of 4 and 5 star reviews. The optimist in me wanted write it off as really positive people being really positive. Knowing those stars didn’t necessarily come cheap helps alleviate my confusion. At the end of the day, I will remember a poorly written book that came caught my eye with a bunch of 5 star reviews more so than one I happened to try on my own. Be wary of what you ask and or pay for.


One thought on “A Penny for Your Review

  1. writerwilke

    So sad. Yet another slap in the face of readers who try to actually give honest reviews and authors who are using real, honest marketing tools to get their works known without gaming the system.

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