So You Think You Have Guts, Do Ya?

I saw this in my RSS feed. Do you think you could or would share your work in progress with the world? I use Google Docs quite a bit and backup much of my work on there. I do not know that I would have the strength of mind like Silvia Hartmann to share my work in progress like she is. It is called the Naked Writer Project and I have to give props. I think it is bold and an interesting step. Also it represents a great opportunity for new writers to see how the process works. I had, at one time, believed that novels just flowed from mind, through fingers to page in perfect order and fully formed from chapter one to the end.. Boy was I naive. I also wonder where this would lead. Could we see more works taking shape in the cloud? What about works with alternate endings? You can read the original story about it here on

One thought on “So You Think You Have Guts, Do Ya?

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