“Rules? They’re More Like Guidelines”

I wanted to share with you a couple of links to blogs that have featured two different posts on writing rules. Speaking for myself, I have followed, broken and even forged a few of my own rules. Is there a rule for every situation? Is there a list of all the rules you will ever need to know? Is posting a string of questions as annoying to read as it is to write? We may never know. Still when it comes to writing there are certain accepted practices that any writer would be well advised to adhere to. Then there are the things that just seem archaic and out of place. Yet, since we have no way of knowing our readers expectations when it comes to what they will accept as, “good,” writing we owe it to ourselves not to stray too far from the trusted path. That is where the rules come in, but maybe it is better to treat them more like guidelines.

Kurt Vonneguts Tips for Writing Fiction/ Courtesy of Michael Bradly via Michael Bradley Time Traveler.com

The Writing Rules/ Courtesy of Rachelle Gardner via Rachelle Gardner.com

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