E-booking on the Cheap

The other day I came across a review for J.K. Rowling’s new work, Casual Vacancy, interested I clicked on over to Amazon to see about getting a copy. Well any thought of that happening went away when I saw the price. Really, J.K. now I know you’ve been hitting the butter beer hard. $17.99 (update: it’s not $14.99) for an e-book? Are you kidding me? That experience had me thinking, since getting my smart phone I have been an avid reader on it, if I had to pay eighteen bucks for each book I read I would be in the poor house. To that end, I figured I might share some of things that keeps me reading but not wringing my wallet dry.

First the obvious choice. Clean off your library card. If you happen to have a public library that has access to Overdrive you could be a few clicks and some DRM away from e-books. Your library may also have access to another service, Freading. Then of course there is Open Library. All these services can keep your e-reader going for no money at all.

If you are a kindle owner then you must take advantage of their lending library, just one of the benefits of signing up for Amazon Prime. You should also subscribe to email alerts for the Kindle Daily Deal. At only $1.99 a book these deals are about among the best you can find. Also the deals cover a wide selection of genres and non fiction as well. I frequently browse the deal pages of the Nook Store and Google Play. There are bargains to be had. If you don’t mind a little bit of homework you could offer to review works for an independent author. A quick Google search can lead you to a number of websites connecting eager readers to authors looking for reviews.

Lastly I would be remiss if I did not mention the myriad torrent search and download options. I am not going to take some moral high road and tell you that pirating only hurts the creators. Nor do I think pirating is the same as stealing. It is closer to the idea of a chew and screw. You are consuming the content but not paying for it. My experience with torrents is pretty hit or miss. In most instances I have found it not worth the time involved to find a good file for what I am looking for. So, for me the old skull and crossbones are a last resort.

Despite what the big six publishers may like you to believe, e-books do not have to follow the same pricing as print books. Then again I also do not know very many people who pay full price for a hardcover book. Let’s face it, that went away with the mass market paperback. One would think the publishing industry would not repeat the same mistakes as the music industry. Then again I could be wrong. Happy reading.

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