Guest Post: Location, Location, Location

Guest Post from Leanne Herrera author of Mirror Bound

When I think of a location for the stories that I write, I generally pick somewhere I have lived or make up an area. In the three books I have completed, only one is centered in a real location. The location I choose, is near and dear to my heart.

It is my great grandparent’s home in the Kentucky hills. Once upon a time, it used to be a
town, but as children grow and move away from home, it lost a lot of its townspeople. It used to be called Cartwright. The towns nearby have grown, but this little spot in the road, has become just that, a spot in the road. It is a beautiful place and over the years I have found myself going back to it not just in real life, but in my stories as well.

For me it is better to pick a place I have already lived in because I can add my feelings
towards the place in the story. I am not the type of person that can inject personality into a place, I have never been. I could research it, but the emotion that is tied with the place, just would not come out in my writing.

Some of my stories, I make up the setting or town that it takes place in. I have done this
in two of the books I have written. In River’s story, I placed the town in Arizona, but the actual town to my knowledge does not exist. In the other book called Destiny On Desdon, I actually make up the entire planet.

While, I truly loved writing about a place that holds emotional value to me, I would say
creating a whole new place is fun, but creating an entire planet that was not only the most fun, it was also the most difficult for me. In fact I am looking forward to creating more planets and more stories.

About the Author

Leanne Herrera is a mother and grandmother with a BFA in ceramics sculpture. She has always loved telling stories, whether it be in the form of her art, poetry or the written word. She has a love for books and animals. She has traveled the world, first with her father when he was in the military and then with her husband of twenty years who was also in the military. Right now she lives in Florida but one day hopes to own a farm with lots of rescue animals, where she can write and throw clay.

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