New Anthology


I recently realized that I have a whole file cabinet filled with short stories that are just sitting there. So I decided to go through them and pick out the best 20 or so for an anthology of my own. Most of them are in the weird fiction vein so I’m calling the anthology The Hole in Your Mind.
Most of my early writing, (look at that, my early writing, it sounds funny even to me) is in the weird fiction genre and many mimic the style of my idol H. P. Lovecraft. Some literary critics have remarked that horror only really lives in the short story form. In the case of weird fiction this is probably correct. I think it is a matter of the writer being able to maintain the suspense for 200 or 300 pages where for 15 to 25 pages it is less taxing. My next two novels fall in the horror category but they are a world apart from some of the stories I’ll be including in the anthology.
It is important for a writer to experiment with both forms and recognize that one is not just a shorter version of the other. I stopped writing short stories for a while. I can say I regret that. So this year my goal is to write more short stories and get this anthology out.

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