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Using Depth to Make Your Scenes Vivid

I came across this item: 8 Ways to Add Layers of Depth to Your Scenes from The Kill Zone. One of the best compliments I ever received about my writing was that my world was so real. I pay a lot of … Continue reading

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Backlist and How to Do it on Your Own

As a writer building my audience and just reaching my stride I love reading about how others have done it. Joe Konrath is no stranger to independent authors and I often find his posts on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing … Continue reading

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Can I Be an Artist and a Capitalist?

Something that has been going through my mind, other than copious amounts of life sustaining blood, is the difference between being an Artist and a Capitalist. I didn’t begin writing as a fast track to wealth. It was just something … Continue reading

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Start Your Blog – Grow Your Platform

This article came to me via one of my fellow Inkslingers, thank you Gale. I found it a great resource for writers just starting a blog or even those looking to refresh their current blog. I have heard many writers ask, “Where do I … Continue reading

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From Humble Beginings

I actually wrestled with the title for this post. One alternative was, “From Simple Beginnings.” On one hand it is fitting for a post on the first word processor but then again those machines were anything but simple. When I first … Continue reading

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