Writing Update

This Monday I figured I would put up a post about where I am with my current writing projects. At the very least I figure it will help keep me on track. At the best I hope it gives some of my fans a heads up for what is coming.

Undead Heart Cover_smUndead Heart The final edits are coming along really well. I have decided to switch the POV from 1st person past tense to 1st person present tense. This speeds up the narration and more closely matches the current trend in YA novels. So for the next couple of days I’m turning all my *ed verbs to *s. I still plan to have this out by the beginning of Summer.

wpid-hole_in_mind.jpgThe Hole in Your Mind My fist collection of short fiction is coming along. I have all the stories selected. I have also had four of the older ones polished up by a professional editor. Thank you Ekta at The Write Edge. This work will have stories and flash fiction pieces and a couple of odds and ends; some very odds and ends.

The Fourth Prometheus My Steampunk take on Frankenstein is still in the first draft stage. I will be polishing this up through the rest of the year and I am thinking that it could be out by April of next year. I haven’t settled on a cover design for this one yet.

Midnight Detail This is the novel, (my 9th), that I am currently writing. Right now I have about 20,000 words written and they are coming at a good clip. This is a vampire tale for adults and features a Secret Service agent, a former president (not named Lincoln), vampires, demons and a kidnapping. A taste of it can be found in my contribution for the anthology Twisted History.

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