Monday April 22, 2013 – “Paint it Black”

The group Anonymous has called for Monday April 22, to be Internet Blackout Day in response to the House of Representatives passing the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Rather than taking down this site for the day, I thought it might be better to call attention to the bill since it still has a long way to go through the Senate and even faces a White House veto.

The main part of the bill is it allows companies to share online information, your texts, emails, even files with the government in maters of safety and security. Now, on the one hand, if Dropbox hands over a file containing a list of active terrorist cells in New York City that could then be used to monitor their activities and prevent any attacks this would be a good thing. This is exactly what this legislation is intended to achieve. Unfortunately some sacrifices have to be made.

Safety is generally relative and involves some concessions. It is safer to drive a car with a seat belt on, but now you no longer have the option of not driving with a seat belt on since many states have passed seat belt laws. You are safer but less free. This is the crux of the gun control argument. The problem with any of these laws is when they are too broad or abused by the government to an extent that hinders our freedoms and does little for our safety. The best way to fight against that is to inform yourself, read up about the act and let your representatives know how you feel.

Here is a link to the Library of congress site with information on H.R. 624 (CISPA)

Take us away Mick.


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