Guest Post: Why You Should Improve Your Persuasive Writing and Literacy Skills

This post comes courtesy of Ivy Delfin from Communication is more than just relaying information. Good writing will alter the thoughts of the reader in ways they may not even be aware of, but you as the writer have learned to employ.

Today’s modern competitive world of technological innovation is driving changes in many different spheres. The changes in the way we use technology are also shifting the way we communicate with each other. Grammatically incorrect text messages, 140 or less characters of tweets and informality of email means that sadly, good, professional business writing skills are on the decline. Many people can no longer use clear language to convey information that is easily understood. Being able to persuade someone of the merit of your argument or point-of-view is an essential skill whether you are in high school or university, run a small or large business, breathe politics or just like a good debate.

Business writing programs such as those offered at Gaps Writing are designed to help you to increase your persuasive writing and literacy skills. Persuasive writing assists you to set out a structure for the way you write. Your aim is convince others to adopt your position, and support you in your work. If you are wary of your grammar and spelling, avoid adverbs and suspect about your tenses, you might also want to consider improving your general literacy skills. Literacy skills are all the skills needed for reading and writing such as the relationship between letters and sounds, your vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.

Improving your persuasive writing and literacy skills help improve the way you communicate with the world around you. As technology shifts, remember you don’t have to be one of those people who let autocorrect ruin your message.

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