I was reading the latest edition of Wired magazine when I realized something; it is getting harder to tell the articles from the advertisements. I know ads pay for all the articles in magazines and newspapers. I am just used to being able to tell the two apart. Now some of these adds go on for a few pages and read like tech articles. Again kudos to the ad department but in the end it makes it  hard to read the magazine. Or does it? In some months, my Guitar Player is only worth receiving for the adds. In that publication it is easy to tell the articles from the advertising. The ads there function more in a wish list capacity, unlike Wired, in which the ads appear to be informative, and in some cases are. Is this the future of our content? Will the blending of articles and ads get to the point where they become one in the same? Would you still be willing to pay six bucks for such a publication?

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About Vincent A. Alascia

Vincent is the author of, "In the Presence of Gods," "Xristos: Chosen of God," and coming soon, "Undead Heart," available on Kindle and paperback, as well as works that have appeared in anthologies and online. Originally an East Coast native, he makes his home in the Phoenix area of Arizona with his wife and three attention grabbing felines. Vincent is an active member of the West Valley Writers' Workshop and an Adult Services librarian at the Maricopa County Library District Northwest Regional Library in Surprise, Arizona.
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One Response to Convergence

  1. This reminds me of a Penny Arcade Report that came out a week or so ago:…but-the-future-belongs-to-us-wants-to-reinv

    Basically, it’s a self-aggrandizing advertisement written by the author of the system to talk about how awesome his creation is. Six bucks? PAR is *free* and I feel like I was ripped off by an ad masquerading as news. No wonder print is dead!

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