What’s in a Name.

First, I must thank fellow author and friend Gale Leach for sharing this on the message board of the West Valley Writer’s Workshop. I learned a long time ago that a manuscript rejection means four things, the agent / editor didn’t really read it and just tossed a form letter your way, the story doesn’t hold anyone’s interest, your writing really does stink or all of the above. Now I have to amend that lesson to include a fifth possibility with, you are a nobody.

I self publish because I became sick of seeing a pile of manuscripts sitting in my closet gathering dust. I also had to repeat the same mantra to anyone who found out I am a writer, “well, I am querying agents but the market is such I’m not getting many responses, so I don’t have anything on the shelf.” The sad truth is the market has gone away. Unless you can show you have success with a particular story you are not going to get anywhere with traditional publishers or agents. The best you can do is be pleasant at conferences and strike up a friendship with an editor or agent. Now the good news is a new market has spring up in it’s place. You still have to do your homework and write an epic story that entertains and thrills and is expertly told. You will also have to arrange some professional help with the cover, the formatting, editing or all of the above. Where today’s publishers want all the rewards without the risk you have to be willing to have your wallet assume on all the risk. In the end you may not wind up in a loft in New York City overlooking Central Park or a guest spot on Letterman but you are taking charge of your own destiny and can call yourself a writer.

Oh I almost forgot here is the story from CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/21/opinion/greene-rowling-author/

What do you make of about this? Does it prove all along what you have long thought?

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