Why Vampires


Why in the great wide universe of things to scare you would any author in this day choose vampires? To hear it from some, zombies have replaced vampires as the go to monsters in any horror novel. Don’t get me wrong I love rotting hungry corpses as much as the next guy, but I still think the night walking blood drinking undead have more to give.

The modern vampire occupies one of several traditions. Readers have seen their share of everything from gentlemen in capes to crazed demon like creatures. Vampires can be ruthless but seductive, or gentile but heartless. They can command kingdoms or slink alone in the shadows as solo predators. I came upon the idea for the vampires in Undead Heart while reading about the book of Enoch. I immediately began imagining what I could do with the nephelim, beings born of human and angel. These beings coukd be immortal, retaining qulities of both. In the bibke theynare most often refered to as giants. Still these beings had to have enough human qualities as to be recognizable to the reader while being unlike anything the reader could be familliasr with. I admit the war between the vampires and lycans comes from the Underworld series of films but also has a healthy tradition in fiction. I wanted a story that did not have a clear cut good guy bad guy cast. As in life the details matter and there is always a little shade of gray.

Some of the best monster stories I have read have found a way to pit the monster against human adversaries but at the same time allowing the qualities of one to transfer to the other. A truly dramatic story has the monster demonstrating more human qualities and the humans become monstrous in their own way. It becomes easy to see the monster in ourselves but not so easy to see the human in the monster. That was a challenge I really looked forward to tackling. This idea guided me through the development of the world in Undead Heart. At its heart, no pun intended, it is a story of growth and romance but within a framework that makes it accessible but weird at the same time. I had a lot of fun writing it and look forward to revisiting this universe often.

You can pick up a copy of Undead Heart exclusively at Amazon.com in paperback and for the Kindle. Prime members can also boroww a copy form the Kindle Lending Library.

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