Up In a Puff of Smoke

So, here is my first post of 2018 and it’s a cliche. A funny thing happened this past weekend. My website was ready for it’s annual renewal of the hosting, domains and. email. My wallet was not ready. I still had this older site, which you may or may not remember, and decided not to renew.  The mistake I made was in looking to cancel the automatic renewal I ended up cancelling the account.

The funny thing here is that faster than the site went up, it disappeared into the swirling electrons of the place where the Internet goes to die. In my mind, I had a few days until the current plan expired so I intended to go and export the content. Again faster than you can say, “Beam me up,” it was all gone, fours years of posts, babbling and pictures wiped from existence.

The old me would have erupted in a fury of a thousand neutron stars heading for a black hole. No. I chuckled a bit when I realized what I had done. It’s taken me a few weeks to write this post and edit out all the f-bombs but we are good now. So enjoy the new look and I promise to post more.

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