To Patreon or Not to Patreon

A good friend recently recommended I think about a Patreon page. I’ve been looking into it and am almost ready to take the plunge. For the less web savvy here, Patreon is a web site/service where creators allow fans to make contributions and in return get unique access to the creators’ work. It became more popular among You Tubers once Google changed their compensation policies. At least that is when I became aware of it. In looking over the site I’ve seen many writers who make use of the service.

The hardest thing for me as an artist is too find value in what I create. For me the enjoyment is the writing. Once it is done I have a hard time imagining others getting enjoyment from it. I know in my head that is not the case. I know too that my work has value. It’s just a case of getting what I know in my head past the voice that says otherwise. I believe it is all part of the growth every artist must progress through. I can see this going several ways and further my growth as an artist. The indecision is just something I have to work through. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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