New Book

I’ve started work on a new book. It’s a departure for me as it is non-fiction. I’ve been interested in and studying Tarot since high school so I have decided to put together my thoughts on the cards. I’ve also been interested in symbols in literature and the occult and have tied the two into my interpretations.

My use of Tarot is a little different. I don’t see myself as divining the future. Instead, what the cards show are the forces and lessons at work that will bring one version of the future into existence. So in my book I will explain how those messages relate and how I interpret the cards. In this area I’ve been influence by many of the works I’ve read on physics and quantum mechanics. I have found several correlations between the two.

When will the book be complete? I’d love to know myself. I have a couple of chapters mostly done. Plus I have an outline for how the others will go together. The way part will be explaining the cards themselves so I’ve been leaving that up to the end. My hope is to find a traditional publisher for it and be back here to tell you where to find a copy.

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