Only You Can Prevent Rejections

While perusing my RSS feed I came upon a post I’d like to share with you from Anne R. Allen’s wonderful blog. It’s title is Don’t Give Your Readers a Reason to Reject your Novel and if some of you are like me you’ll need to hear this again.

We’ve all been guilty of one or more of these traps. This is why having your manuscript edited and evaluated is so important. As an author we are just to close to the story and all of it makes sense. We also know every word of the manuscript is sent from angels above and is crucial to the work. (SPOILER ALERT: no they’re not.)

The hardest part for me is the patience needed to keep that work as a work in progress. Many times I’ve been guilty of rushing through the process only to my own undoing. Stick to your schedule and take your time, the work will be done when it is done.

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