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5 Writing Rules I’ve Learned…

This is another one from the old RSS feed.  This post comes from Dena Dyer at the Wordserve Writer Cooler. These are all lessons I have learned though unlike the author of the post I learned them from other sources. Still I … Continue reading

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Developing Your Voice

While going through my RSS feed I came across this guest post on the Killzone.com blog. 10 Key Essentials for an Authentic YA (or Adult) Voice Developing a convincing voice is essential to your success as a writer. This article … Continue reading

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Publishing Industry Flowchart

Now for something completely different. This made me chuckle. I saw it posted on Stephen Abram’s Lighthouse blog. Here it is from the source: GalleyCat. Publishing Industry Flowchart How far along it do you think your works might go?

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Start Your Blog – Grow Your Platform

This article came to me via one of my fellow Inkslingers, thank you Gale. I found it a great resource for writers just starting a blog or even those looking to refresh their current blog. I have heard many writers ask, “Where do I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Write a Book from Beginning to End

For this month’s guest post I have a little bit of information from author Eris Kelli for any writer still on the fence about starting that first book. How to Write a Book from Beginning to End By Eris Kelli … Continue reading

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The Early Bird Gets Worms

I know I have made this mistake. That novel you just wrote is itching to be a breakout success  You know if you could just get it out there it would take off in no time. Slow your roll. Nobody is … Continue reading

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Here is to 2012 and a Bright 2013

I want to thank all the people out there who visited my site this year. 2013 is looking even better with 2 new novel projects in the pipeline for release. I will also be completing my 9th novel. Here’s a hint. There’s … Continue reading

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Where Does Your Story Fit?

I saw this on Janet Reid’s always interesting and informative site the other day, New Rule for Writers: Be Knowledgeable. In Ms. Reid’s example she was making reference to query letters that leave off a vital bit of information. What in the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Conduct a Blog Tour

Guest post from T.K. Harris author of Phantom Dreams Blogs. There are millions of them. Literally. Blogs exist for every passion, every interest. Gaming, cooking, dieting, clubbing, comedy, politics and the list goes on and on. And then there are blogs … Continue reading

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The One Sentence Summary

I saw this on Rachelle Gardner’s blog and thought I would continue with my own ideas on crafting the perfect one sentence summary. Notice I said craft and not write. Save for the one in a million shot when the … Continue reading

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