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Latest Review

The fine folks at The League of the Iron Quill have posted a review of my novel, In the Presence of Gods. You can read it here. http://www.ironquill.net/presence/ I want to thank them for giving my work a read and … Continue reading

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Reflections on Another Walpurgis Night

Last night was the festival of Walpurgis Night, the other Halloween. Did you sense a little tug from the dark side? The holiday is celebrated across central and northern Europe and associated (incorrectly or not) with the Scottich Isles celebration … Continue reading

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Signing Books, Making Fans

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The Reviews are Coming In

This week I received¬†some of my first reviews for In the Presence of Gods. I want to give a shout out to Hales for her review on Amazon and her blog, My Love of Reading. I also have a couple … Continue reading

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The 4th Prometheus Rises

This weekend I completed the rough draft of Part I of my next novel, The 4th Prometheus. I’m telling everyone this is a Steampunk take on the Frankenstein story. It has some twists and turns and some of my best … Continue reading

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Cover for My Kindle Novel

Here is the cover I came up with for my first Kindle novel. I have it all ready to go and hope to get it on the market soon. Check back here for more information as I have it. I’ll … Continue reading

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