Tarot #2 high priestess

Tarot can be thought of in many different ways. By the most basic definition it is a deck of seventy-eight cards made up of two parts. Twenty-two cards make up the Major Arcana. Arcana is the English version of the Latin word Arcanum which means secret. The Major Arcana are twenty-two picture cards that represent life lessons and are numbered from zero to twenty-one. The images draw on various symbols and archetypes from art, literature, and mystic origins. The remaining fifty-six cards make up the Minor Arcana. These cards are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles numbered one to ten with four court cards: King, Queen, Knight, and Page.

That may satisfy what Tarot is but what does it do? That is not so easily answered. In its earliest incarnations Tarot cards were used like modern playing cards for various games. At some point enterprising people saw in the images on the cards a means to communicate with the spirit world and even predict the future. Once Occultists became aware of the cards, they adopted Tarot for their own use and redefined the cards to align with their specific Society’s beliefs and values.

Can Tarot predict the future? The answer for that is a bit tricky. My take is that the future cannot be predicted because it has already happened. If we were to assign a number for each possible future they could be plotted in the form of a wave. This wave represents all of the possible “futures” we may experience. As we approach, that wave collapses until only one future remains and becomes our present. So, yes, someone can predict a possible future, but to predict all the possible futures and which will most likely come to pass is well beyond any means.

When I perform a Tarot reading the cards show me the circumstances, forces, and lessons at work on the current situation. Taken as a whole, it forms a story of ten cards that illuminates a specific situation. When asking a question of Tarot you can be as precise as you want or as vague as you like. The reading will match. I have had readings that make no sense, but that was mostly because the question asked was so vague. You can ask, where will you be in six months? What you will get is a reading of all the forces at work to carry you through the next six months. There are no omens in the Tarot. There may be warnings. There may be examples where you are blocking yourself from achieving what you desire. These are all natural and part of the order of things.

Would you like a Tarot reading? I charge $45 for a 15 min reading and $65 for a 40 minute reading. You can email me for online readings, or if you are in the Hillsboro, Oregon area you can arrange for an in person reading through this website. Danceyogaheal.com