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Reflections on Another Walpurgis Night

Last night was the festival of Walpurgis Night, the other Halloween. Did you sense a little tug from the dark side? The holiday is celebrated across central and northern Europe and associated (incorrectly or not) with the Scottich Isles celebration … Continue reading

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Vampires, it’s Because They Suck

I recently saw the trailer for the movie remake of Dark Shadows. Seeing Johnny Depp as Daytime TV’s favorite vampire Barnabas Collins had me thinking about the continued popularity of vampires in fiction. The birth of vampire lore is easy … Continue reading

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The Big Three E-book Issues

I came across this article in my Twitter feed this morning. All three of these issues will impact our digital reading future. Some questions that I have are, will the market stabilize around one platform? Will e-books ever have a … Continue reading

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An Author (And Reader’s) Response to the e-Book Price Debate

A Facebook friend made me aware of an excellent article from Nathan Bransford regarding e-Book pricing on c|net. You can read the article here, and I encourage you to do so. I agree with the article but then I started … Continue reading

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It’s an Ego Thing

This month marks the 1 year anniversary for my first novel on Kindle. In that time I have published a second novel and am currently preparing for my third. To say this has been a learning journey would be an … Continue reading

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Twisted History Is Out

Twisted History, the latest anthology to contain one of my short stories, is out now on the Kindle store. All of the works in the anthology feature a different take on history, hence the title. My contribution is a little twist on the secret … Continue reading

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