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Don’t Push That Button

Going through my RSS feed from, I came across this little gem. Stop. Don’t post that post! 7 questions to ask before you hit publish. I think all bloggers could use a list of these rules taped right to their computer … Continue reading

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5 Key Lessons – Neil Gaiman

Author Neil Gaiman recently provided the keynote for the Digital Minds Conference in an article in on the author distills 5 key lessons from the talk. While intended for an audience of book publishers, these points are ones authors, … Continue reading

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Monday April 22, 2013 – “Paint it Black”

The group Anonymous has called for Monday April 22, to be Internet Blackout Day in response to the House of Representatives passing the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Rather than taking down this site for the day, I … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t Your Book Selling

So you spent the last eight, twelve, eighteen, thirty-six months, working, slaving, sweating and bleeding into your manuscript pages. Your characters are so real they are now a part of your life. The plot is honed, buffed and not a … Continue reading

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Writing Update

This Monday I figured I would put up a post about where I am with my current writing projects. At the very least I figure it will help keep me on track. At the best I hope it gives some … Continue reading

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Advice From a Master

This post came across my Facebook Newsfeed from the Lovecraft eZine. H.P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Aspiring Wirter’s, 1920 Lovecraft’s first point is the recognition of what judicious reading can do for the aspiring author. I would go so far to … Continue reading

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Publishing Industry Flowchart

Now for something completely different. This made me chuckle. I saw it posted on Stephen Abram’s Lighthouse blog. Here it is from the source: GalleyCat. Publishing Industry Flowchart How far along it do you think your works might go?

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