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Why Isn’t Your Book Selling

So you spent the last eight, twelve, eighteen, thirty-six months, working, slaving, sweating and bleeding into your manuscript pages. Your characters are so real they are now a part of your life. The plot is honed, buffed and not a … Continue reading

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Advice From a Master

This post came across my Facebook Newsfeed from the Lovecraft eZine. H.P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Aspiring Wirter’s, 1920 Lovecraft’s first point is the recognition of what judicious reading can do for the aspiring author. I would go so far to … Continue reading

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Final Entry in POV Series

The final entry in my series, Point of View for Writers is now up for viewing on the League of the Iron Quill. This final part of the series part looks at the use of Tense in narrative writing. A … Continue reading

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Why Book Marketing is Like Gardening – The Savvy Book Marketer

http://bookmarketingmaven.typepad.com/book_marketing_maven/2012/07/why-book-marketing-is-like-gardening.html This is a great post from The Say Book Marketer. In the on and off debate on how much marketing can help a writer I like this analogy. I think many writers are in danger of either paying too much … Continue reading

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Buying a Tablet

I wanted to share a post I wrote for the MCLC TechTalk blog on purchasing my Toshiba Thrive Tablet. Since getting an iPad I have been using a tablet to write on and found it more convenient and comfortable than my lap … Continue reading

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The Secret of Self-Publishing

A co-worker sent me a link to the following article from the Wall Street Journal Online. It is a great read for self-published authors and writers aspiring to be published. Any reader of this blog knows that the rise in self-publishing is … Continue reading

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