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It’s a Service Issue

I know I have been a little distracted by video games lately, in particular retro video games. In truth I have been indulging my nostalgia a little more than the law allows. Get me an eye patch and a Parrot … Continue reading

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E-book Price Gouging

After my last post on e-books looking at the no to low end I thought this post which I am borrowing from American Libraries Magazine, The Visible Hand of the Market?, might complement it. Libraries would love to provide their patrons with all … Continue reading

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E-booking on the Cheap

The other day I came across a review for J.K. Rowling’s new work, Casual Vacancy, interested I clicked on over to Amazon to see about getting a copy. Well any thought of that happening went away when I saw the … Continue reading

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I am Not a Number…

You may already know that I am a librarian, but I am also a certain type of librarian. I spend most of my day cataloging state publications for the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records. I went into, what we … Continue reading

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I Have Given up on Library E-Books

Since buying my smart phone two years ago I have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of reading I do. The convenience of e-readers on a device that’s always in my pocket has given me more opportunities to read. Alas this happened just … Continue reading

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The Big Three E-book Issues

I came across this article in my Twitter feed this morning. All three of these issues will impact our digital reading future. Some questions that I have are, will the market stabilize around one platform? Will e-books ever have a … Continue reading

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I Never Promised You an E-book

The big news this past week in library-land is the price hike Random House initiated for e-books sold to libraries. For those keeping score Random House was one of the few publishers still selling e-books to libraries. Though I imagine … Continue reading

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Buying a Tablet

I wanted to share a post I wrote for the MCLC TechTalk blog on purchasing my Toshiba Thrive Tablet. Since getting an iPad I have been using a tablet to write on and found it more convenient and comfortable than my lap … Continue reading

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Why Your Kindle Isn’t Welcome at the Library

I saw this post on the Librarian in Black Sarah Houghton’s blog and found it interesting and worth sharing here. The frustration felt by many librarians must be extraordinary as more and more patrons come in asking why they can’t … Continue reading

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Are Libraries Good for Authors?

http://www.rachellegardner.com/2011/11/are-libraries-good-for-authors/ This was a guest post on Rachelle Gardner’s blog that I really agree with. I think libraries have much more to offer authors than they take away. Especially for the new up and coming author libraries can be the … Continue reading

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