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Formatting It’s a Bitch

With all apologies to Mr. Jagger and Richards. So you have your plot all dialed in, your characters live and breathe in your readers’ minds and your grammar is spot on, not a comma out of place. All that remains … Continue reading

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Backlist and How to Do it on Your Own

As a writer building my audience and just reaching my stride I love reading about how others have done it. Joe Konrath is no stranger to independent authors and I often find his posts on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing … Continue reading

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Sue Me an Amazon River

Saw this on the Huffington Post Books page. DRM Lawsuit Filed by Independent Bookstores Against Amazon, Big 6 Publishers. Basically the suit alleges that the DRM in place on eBooks grants Amazon a monopoly. I would agree that this DRM effectively shuts … Continue reading

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E-booking on the Cheap

The other day I came across a review for J.K. Rowling’s new work, Casual Vacancy, interested I clicked on over to Amazon to see about getting a copy. Well any thought of that happening went away when I saw the … Continue reading

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A Penny for Your Review

Or how about 99 pennies? The little nugget from the net below hit my RSS feed today from Gizmodo.com. Authors’ services are now offering reviews. Create Space already has an option to pay for a professional review but unlike that this is for … Continue reading

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An Author (And Reader’s) Response to the e-Book Price Debate

A Facebook friend made me aware of an excellent article from Nathan Bransford regarding e-Book pricing on c|net. You can read the article here, and I encourage you to do so. I agree with the article but then I started … Continue reading

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Twisted History Is Out

Twisted History, the latest anthology to contain one of my short stories, is out now on the Kindle store. All of the works in the anthology feature a different take on history, hence the title. My contribution is a little twist on the secret … Continue reading

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Why Your Kindle Isn’t Welcome at the Library

I saw this post on the Librarian in Black Sarah Houghton’s blog and found it interesting and worth sharing here. The frustration felt by many librarians must be extraordinary as more and more patrons come in asking why they can’t … Continue reading

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What You Calling a Bubble

I came across an interesting post on The Self Publishing Revolution. It was a response to an tweet that warned of a coming burst to the self-ePublishing “bubble.” I used quotes around bubble for a reason. One is that i … Continue reading

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Looking at You 2011

I thought I would use my first post of the new year to think about the past one. Not very original, I know, but you are still reading. Before the year finished up I received my first royalty payment from … Continue reading

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