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What You Calling a Bubble

I came across an interesting post on The Self Publishing Revolution. It was a response to an tweet that warned of a coming burst to the self-ePublishing “bubble.” I used quotes around bubble for a reason. One is that i … Continue reading

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Book Signing Event

Sunday Feb. 12th at Next Coffee Company in Glendale myself along with the rest of the Westside Wordsmiths will be on hand from 11:30 to 2:30 signing copies of our books and talking about publishing and the craft of writing. … Continue reading

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I figured that rather than making my blog go dark in support of the SOPA protests, I would chime in with my feelings. As a writer and musician I understand the threat that online piracy represents and that people need … Continue reading

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New Character

It’s funny how things happen. Last night while my wife and I trolled Facebook she came across a post that influenced me to rewrite one of the characters in my new novel. I had originally planned this character to be … Continue reading

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Looking at You 2011

I thought I would use my first post of the new year to think about the past one. Not very original, I know, but you are still reading. Before the year finished up I received my first royalty payment from … Continue reading

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