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How a 91-year-old Author’s Debut Mystery Hit the Bestseller List

I think this post from Anne R. Allen’s blog is a great picker-upper for any writer wondering when the success will come. I know I had visions of being the next hot young twenty something best seller back in the … Continue reading

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A Penny for Your Review

Or how about 99 pennies? The little nugget from the net below hit my RSS feed today from Authors’ services are now offering reviews. Create Space already has an option to pay for a professional review but unlike that this is for … Continue reading

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A Story in Ink and Skin

While the internet may be abuzz about some other tattoo story (NSFW) I had already drafted this piece; as in all things timing is everything. This past week I spent my tenth anniversary with my wife in Hilo Hawaii. While we had many interesting … Continue reading

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Final Entry in POV Series

The final entry in my series, Point of View for Writers is now up for viewing on the League of the Iron Quill. This final part of the series part looks at the use of Tense in narrative writing. A … Continue reading

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