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Filter Out the Noise

This past election season I have kept my politics off this site. My intent for this site has always been to focus on the art, craft and business of writing. Having said that, I do have one comment to make … Continue reading

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Is Cover Art a Dying, er, Art?

I came across this article one day and it interested me enough that I decided to continue the discussion here. In the E-Book World, Are Book Covers a Dying Art? As a browser of Amazon and Barnes and I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Conduct a Blog Tour

Guest post from T.K. Harris author of Phantom Dreams Blogs. There are millions of them. Literally. Blogs exist for every passion, every interest. Gaming, cooking, dieting, clubbing, comedy, politics and the list goes on and on. And then there are blogs … Continue reading

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The One Sentence Summary

I saw this on Rachelle Gardner’s blog and thought I would continue with my own ideas on crafting the perfect one sentence summary. Notice I said craft and not write. Save for the one in a million shot when the … Continue reading

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Great Time at the Avondale Writers’ Conference

This past weekend I took part in the 3rd Avondale Writers’ Conference. I had the privilege of attending as both speaker and attendee. The air had a definite buzz. It was great to see so many talented people, so passionate about their craft. … Continue reading

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Point of View for Writers Slides

Here are the slide from my presentation from the Avondale Writers’ Conference. You can view the presentation at Slide If you would like a copy of the slides you can download them here.  SLIDES UPDATE: I meant to include … Continue reading

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