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Do You Have the Write Stuff?

The Arizona State Library has just announced a contest for their ONEBOOKAZ 2014. This year ONEBOOKAZ goes all digital and they are looking for Arizona authors to provide the the works. ONEBOOKAZ is a program that encourages communities across Arizona … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name.

First, I must thank fellow author and friend Gale Leach for sharing this on the message board of the West Valley Writer’s Workshop. I learned a long time ago that a manuscript rejection means four things, the agent / editor … Continue reading

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Undead Heart is Still Coming

The problem with deadlines is that once you set them you have to be ready to deal with missing them. I began writing Undead Heart almost three years ago. The plot came together quickly in my head and the characters … Continue reading

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5 Key Lessons – Neil Gaiman

Author Neil Gaiman recently provided the keynote for the Digital Minds Conference in an article in on Forbes.com the author distills 5 key lessons from the talk. While intended for an audience of book publishers, these points are ones authors, … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t Your Book Selling

So you spent the last eight, twelve, eighteen, thirty-six months, working, slaving, sweating and bleeding into your manuscript pages. Your characters are so real they are now a part of your life. The plot is honed, buffed and not a … Continue reading

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Publishing Industry Flowchart

Now for something completely different. This made me chuckle. I saw it posted on Stephen Abram’s Lighthouse blog. Here it is from the source: GalleyCat. Publishing Industry Flowchart How far along it do you think your works might go?

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Backlist and How to Do it on Your Own

As a writer building my audience and just reaching my stride I love reading about how others have done it. Joe Konrath is no stranger to independent authors and I often find his posts on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing … Continue reading

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Can I Be an Artist and a Capitalist?

Something that has been going through my mind, other than copious amounts of life sustaining blood, is the difference between being an Artist and a Capitalist. I didn’t begin writing as a fast track to wealth. It was just something … Continue reading

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The Early Bird Gets Worms

I know I have made this mistake. That novel you just wrote is itching to be a breakout success  You know if you could just get it out there it would take off in no time. Slow your roll. Nobody is … Continue reading

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Avondale Writers’ Conference

I wanted to share a write-up about the Avondale Writers’ Conference from Examiner.com. I will be giving a talk on using Point of View to enhance your writing. I am looking forward to attending some of the other workshops and mingling with … Continue reading

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