The Fourth Prometheus

Enkidam Lives…


Coming Spring 2018

Constable Darrow has tackled plenty of difficult cases, but this is by far his worst. Just when tracking down an underground computing card encoder known only as Hexter led to more dead ends than the twisted streets of Boston, she comes to him for protection. When a group of U.S. Marshals show up to claim her, Darrow and Hexter narrowly escape. Now the mystery is who wants this girl so bad as to send the Marshals after her and why. Darrow chases every single lead until he comes upon the creation of Dr. Giselle Mathers and a face he never expected to see again. Darrow joins Dr. Mathers and the mechanical man she has created as they board an airship for the Arizona Territory.

In this twist of history, it is the fall of 1897 and Dr. Giselle Mathers has just completed work on her late father’s greatest achievement, Homunculus simulacrum, a mechanical man who is a perfect likeness of Giselle’s brother who she lost in the still raging Civil War. She is horrified to learn that her creation has fallen in love with her and is responsible for the death of her friend and occasional lover Dr. Roger Haskell. Giselle turns to Constable Darrow to protect her and her creation as she reconciles her role in Roger’s death and two others. He agrees to keep them all alive while she and Hexter try to repair her creation’s programing.

“- a recent Steampunk take on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.”

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