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Bob Woodward & The Tale of 2 Stories

I came across these two stories this morning while trolling through my news feed. Both stories are reporting the same event but notice how they differ in tone and mood. When writing fiction, setting the mood for a piece is … Continue reading

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Sue Me an Amazon River

Saw this on the Huffington Post Books page. DRM Lawsuit Filed by Independent Bookstores Against Amazon, Big 6 Publishers. Basically the suit alleges that the DRM in place on eBooks grants Amazon a monopoly. I would agree that this DRM effectively shuts … Continue reading

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Essential Listening for Writers

Normally you see essential listening lists for music lovers but I wanted to call out some songs that I have found very conducive to good writing. Growing up, music was a big part of who I was and continue to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Write a Book from Beginning to End

For this month’s guest post I have a little bit of information from author Eris Kelli for any writer still on the fence about starting that first book. How to Write a Book from Beginning to End By Eris Kelli … Continue reading

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The Early Bird Gets Worms

I know I have made this mistake. That novel you just wrote is itching to be a breakout success  You know if you could just get it out there it would take off in no time. Slow your roll. Nobody is … Continue reading

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