(Not) Writing In a Pandemic

I originally was going to call this post, “Writing In a Pandemic.” Unfortunately I haven’t been doing much of that. At first I was really down on myself for letting all this free time go to waste, but as I talked to more writers I found that this seems to be the situation for many. Perhaps it’s a symptom of living in events so extreme our imaginations cannot even comprehend a world beyond them. Is it just a brain on overload? It’s not really a creative shut down as I have been drawing and making music like never before. I just can’t bring myself to sit down with a word processor.

I wonder if I need a change. Maybe try journaling. Handwriting poetry. Limericks? Truly, I have no real good idea what will get the words flowing from my fingers, but I am less stressed about it than I was before. That brings me to the reason for this post. We al love writing, we want to do it, but sometimes that motivation is just not there. You can’t fight that. Accept it and move on to another day. Your muse may be hiding under the bed covers but it hasn’t left you.

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